DARLING TALLIE is a hybrid comedy show/dance party hosted by very good dancer Tallie Medel featuring VERY good comedians. Audiences are invited to participate in dance breaks and the show culminates in a dance contest, so tell your freak friends and gallop on down!

Dylan Adler
Gram Cañon
Camirin Farmer
Rachel Kaly & more…

Julio Uquidi (The Fairy BOLD STOMPERS)

Hosted by Tallie Medel

Tallie Medel is an actor and comedian in NYC known for their film work (EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE, FOURTEEN, SNOWY BING BONGS) and comedy trio Cocoon Central Dance Team. TV credits include ULTRA CITY SMITHS (for which they choreographed) and BROAD CITY. Tallie’s got big ol’ juicy eyeballs.

1944 Riverside Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90039

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